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Service & Maintenance

Richards CCTV has invested heavily in central service software to ensure clients have transparency, clearly provided information about their estate, consumables orders and installation dates. This extends to management information on our performance against the bespoke maintenance and service level packages that we offer our clients.

Uniquely offering live asset registers on the systems that we support, ensures that we proactively work with our clients to reduce callouts and manage warranties on products installed. Our clear focus is to minimise calls to sites by providing centralised online support for end users, online maintenance and industry leading training on systems installed at handover or during preventative maintenance visits.

Maintenance options include:

Fully Comprehensive Cover: 

  • All Parts & Labour
  • 5 Day Cover (Monday to Friday)
  • Same Day Response (Unlimited Call Outs)
  • Service Loan Equipment
  • Preventative Maintenance Visit
  • Telephone Support  

Attendance Only Cover:

  • Labour Only (Excludes All Parts)
  • 5 Day Cover (Monday to Friday)
  • Same Day Response (Unlimited Call Outs)
  • Service Loan Equipment
  • Telephone Support

Richards CCTV service and maintenance is in the hands of our 'inhouse', highly technical and experienced engineering team.

No Maintenance cover? We are happy to assist you...

Richards CCTV are based in the heart of the country which allows us to respond to customer call outs effectively throughout the UK.

Our highly trained UK engineers are ideally positioned to support our clients anywhere in the country. Whether supporting a system designed and implemented by ourselves or legacy 3rd party equipment, clients can rest assured that industry leading levels of support, service and communication will be provided.


Not looking to purchase out-right? Choose from a selection of leasing companies including Siemens Financial Services, Investec or our in-house Richlease facility...

There are several benefits of leasing CCTV systems rather than paying cash for it, so let us have a look at them:

  • Saves Working Capital
  • Easier Budgeting
  • Upgrade Offers
  • Tax Efficient
  • Convenient Regular Payments
  • Future Credit Line

"No one pays their staff 3 years salary in advance, why should you pay for your equipment 3 or 5 years in advance, before it has started to contribute profit to your business. For many, leasing just makes perfect sense."